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My reasons

Bernhard Hanreich

Translation by ANGUS MILNE


When I came across the Collatz Conjecture oct 2012,  I did not understand what it was about it that constituted a problem.

Where does the problem lie?

Why is it a problem?

On the internet I found a couple of explanations and diagrams, but even then it wasn’t clear to me what exactly the problem was and how to visualise it. I soon abandoned the internet and began to lay out the problem myself. The Collatz problem is so extensive (it covers all natural numbers) that it was impossible for me to visualise the whole thing in my head. So I performed a series of analyses in order to be able to visualise, and therefore better grasp, the problem. I wanted to publish the results of these analyses in mathematical papers in December 2012, because I was completely surprised by the regularities and also because until now I hadn’t been able to find this particular way of representing the conjecture. However, it soon turned out that this was harder than performing the analysis itself. Therefore I have followed the advice of a professor from the Technical University of Vienna and published my work here, on this site. In so doing I present my work for discussion. For me, through my work’s demonstration of the conjecture’s regularities, the problem is solved. I was told that mathematics needs more determinate answers.

This work is not mathematical proof!!!

It would only be so if it were recognised as the solution!!!

Therefore the work must be made public and stand up to public discussion.

I will endeavour to make my reasoning understandable, though I realise that it is very hard to articulate this explanation in a way that others might understand.

May my work serve to offer interested people a good insight into the Collatz problem, shed understanding on what the problem is, how the sequence looks and how it can be displayed.

I hope I succeed in making my view on the Collatz problem comprehensible so that others who, like me have been cast under the spell of this problem, are spared the long nights and tedious and time consuming analysing which led up to this point.

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