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The cover picture


The cover picture is one of my inlays

The inlay emerged after playing around with circles and squares.

I drew a square inside a circle, inside that square another circle and so on. That in itself is nothing amazing but I set the extension of the edge of the next smaller square in the corner of the larger, so that the seventh square is parallel to the first. Beautiful, no?

Geometry supports it.

Mathematics too?

The solution to the riddle?

  1. While I can’t measure your starting angle precisely, the seventh square being parallel to the first suggests a rotaion ange of 15° clockwise to the viewing orientation.

    • I did not measure the angle. I constructed it. The rotation angel must be 15° yes. But the question was not how big is the angel but if you follow the construction the way I did, do you get 15°.
      You take one side of the second biggest square and make it longer until you arrive exactly in the corner of the biggest square. Do this six times. The result is what you see in my picture.

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