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What remains to be done?


From my point of view, there are no further questions regarding the collatz problem. The conjecture is sufficiently proven. However, I can understand that those who practise Mathematics as a strict academic discipline might like to have the solution formulated in another way and more detailed . I simply pursue mathematics as a hobby and I am content with this formulation. But of course I am still interested in finding a solution which can be accepted by the field, or otherwise to formulate my solution in such a way that it can be acknowledged.

I welcome constructive criticism and am happy to be made aware of any mistakes I have made in order to be able to improve my work.

I ask that you refrain from negative, insulting and hurtful criticism of any form.

All that is left is to thank again my wife and family for tolerating my having such a time intensive obsession and who have allowed to me to continue down this road without being able to hope for success.

Thank you a thousand times

It was a wonderful journey for me with very beautiful results and exciting experiences.

And it was a very welcome distraction from the evening depression which tormented me since my cancer operation.

Thanks, for permitting me that.

Thank you a lot Angus Milne for the translation

I am also grateful for your interest and, should you work through all of this, for your perseverance

Should you find anything unclear, I would be glad to try and answer your questions.

Hope remains until the end.

I hope that sometime, in some way, the effort will pay-off to be able to continue my work

Have a good time!!!

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